Tale of Tales book 3 published

Let’s start with this: the third book in the Tale of Tales epic fantasy series is getting published today. OK, but why would that be of any interest to a site on Slavic mythology? Well, for three reasons actually.

  1. The author of these books is the same as the author of Slavic Mythology book that we present here.
  2. The series and its three books are also strongly based on Slavic myths and legends, including many folktales and fairy tales and oral folk epics passed down through the generations.
  3. And, perhaps most importantly, it means that the next book in line to be completed, edited, prepared and published in 2024 is now – Slavic Mythology!

So, if you can’t wait for our encyclopedia-like book to be published, and more content on this site to become available, go read some dark epic fairytale fantasy based on Slavic myths HERE. (Or even better, back the Kickstarter HERE and grab some exclusive rewards!) It will serve you well and you will certainly enjoy it – especially if you are slightly familiar with at least some of the motifs that transpired to be the most important elements of the story.

Big kudos to shadow Senka and her strange companionship!